Project RarelyUsed Teambuilding Competition (round 18: Staraptor) submissions open until Augist 12thth)

Hello and welcome to the ScVi RU teambuilding competition. I hope to make this a weekly competition where anyone can join and share a team built around a specific topic such as a pokemon, core or theme. The contest will consist of a 5 day period for submitting teams then 2 days of voting to see who wins.

Rules and guidelines:
Submission format: Submissions should be structured like a team bazaar/rate my team post but a bit more condensed. It should have a pokepaste or importable text of the team and description of the team and how it plays, preferably with some images of the team members for visual interest. Tell us why you chose specific pokemon and moves, especially if they are unorthodox.

You can use codes such as
:sv/chansey: or :rb/chansey:
to make sprites show up like this: :sv/Chansey: :rb/chansey: when posting your team.

Discussion and criticism: Feel free to discuss teams shared in the thread if you have something to say or ask questions if you have any, though try to avoid major edits/suggestions like changing 2+ pokemon. If you have a big change you want to make or someone inspired you to take a core and do something else with it, post that in the team bazaar instead.

Cheating: Finally, no vote manipulation or copying teams. Don’t ask people to vote for you and don’t vote purely to make someone else lose. Don't copy what someone else has made and make a minor change to create your own entry either, this is a competition after all. You aren't going to gain anything by cheating to win a pokemon forum contest.


Past winners:

Round 1( Kilowattrel): Appletun and Toxtricity bulky offense by Ishtar :Kilowattrel: :Copperajah: :Krookodile: :Toxtricity: :Appletun: :Slowbro:
Round 2 (Mismagius): Vespiquen and Mismagius spikes by Ishtar :mismagius: :blissey: :vespiquen: :kilowattrel: :passimian: :slowbro:
Round 3 (Arboliva): Eject pack Arboliva by Togkey :arboliva: :palossand: :passimian: :rotom-heat: :revavroom: :florges:
Round 4 (Salazzle): Salzzle spikes by Feliburn :salazzle: :bellibolt: :krookodile: :klefki: :flamigo: :cryogonal:
Round 5 (Brute Bonnet): Frosmoth and Brute Bonnet by C0nfiden1 0yster :brute-bonnet::qwilfish::frosmoth::copperajah::krookodile::flamigo:
Round 6 (Indeedee): Psychic terrain Hyper Offense by C0nfiden1 0yster :veluza::oricorio-sensu::primeape::indeedee::jolteon::weavile:
Round 7 (Krookodile): Hattrem and SYlveon Offense by RarelyEtc :krookodile: :bruxish: :magneton: :sylveon: :hattrem: :kilowattrel:
Round 8 (fighting types) Heracross spikestack by diego_yuhhi :brute_bonnet: :heracross: :ditto: :revavroom: :mudsdale: :slowbro:
Round 9 (Iron Thorns): Iron Thorns hyper offense by Togkey :lycanroc: :cloyster: :weavile: :oricorio-pom-pom: :iron-thorns: :krookodile:
Round 10 (Grafaiai): Choice band grafaiai and bulky Iron Thorns by RarelyEtc :grafaiai: :zoroark: :sylveon: :iron thorns: :altaria: :cloyster:
Round 11 (Tauros): Clear amulet Tauros spikes by RarelyEtc :tauros-paldea-fire: :scyther: :tsareena: :qwilfish: :bronzong: :oricorio-sensu:
Round 12 (Tsareena and Toedscruel): Vaporeon and Tsareena balance by Forest Guardian :goodra::tsareena::vaporeon::coalossal::grafaiai::gardevoir:

Round 134 (Samurott and Typhlosion): Scarf Typhlosion offense by RarelyEtc :typhlosion: :krookodile: :dragalge: :bronzong: :oricorio_sensu: :tsareena:

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:sv/Kilowattrel: Week 1: Kilowattrel :sv/Kilowattrel:

Kilowattrel is a brand new addition to RU and one that promises to be a both a strong answer to some top pokemon in the tier and a potent threat of its own. Kilowattrel's big selling point is its massive speed stat of 125, tied with :weavile:Weavile for second highest in the tier after :Barraskewda:Barraskewda. Its speed makes it a solid revenge killer and its access to both volt switch and u-turn mean it is a strong offensive pivot. Additionally, access to a fast roost and a typing+ability that give it two immunities mean that despite its frail base stats it can switch into certain attacks with ease and recover when it gets the chance.
Kilowattrel's power can be enhanced further with rain. Under rain it gets to use the strong STAB moves of thunder and hurricane without worrying about their low accuracy while also having weather ball for rain-boosted water coverage. While there are no automatic rain setters in the tier, prankster weather setters like :klefki:Klefki and :sableye:Sableye or some other pokemon with access to rain dance like :altaria:Altaria or :revavroom:Revavroom can fill that role reliably and make the most out of Kilowattrel and its rain-abusing friends such as :floatzel:Floatzel and :tauros-paldea-aqua:Tauros-aqua.

These are some notes to get you started on building with this bird, now it's time to get creative and show how to make the most out of Kilowattrel's very unique set of traits. There are many directions you can go with it, as it can play a strong role on a wide variety of teams.

Teambuilding criteria:
Your team submission must be legal in SV RU and have Kilowattrel on it. Other than that the only limit is your imagination.

Submission deadline: Teams should be submitted by 11:59 PM (GMT-5) on Monday, March 6th, voting will then go until 11:59 PM (GMT-5) on Wednesday, March 8th.


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I won't be posting anything too crazy, but...

:sv/krookodile: :sv/bronzong: :sv/tauros-paldea-aqua: :sv/gardevoir: :sv/arboliva: :sv/kilowattrel:

Set Up Bronzong + The Bird

This is just a team I felt like building as soon as the drops hit. I mostly wanted to use Aqua Tauros to see how it does in the meta, and Kilowattrel felt like a solid pivot paired with it. You can opt to run U-turn for unblockable pivoting, but I didn't really care if I gave the ground type mons that much freedom to come in. Scarf Gardevoir was immediately slapped due to my initial fear of facing rain teams, but just in case Intimidate Tauros and Scarf Gardevoir weren't enough, I added a weird sort of max defense Arboliva. I innitially had rocks Bronzong and Bulk Up Krook, but I ended up making it Taunt Rocks to ease up certain matchups, and made the Bronzong that set up set because I hadn't tried it before, and it felt like fun.
The rain squad dropped, so I felt compelled to do a rain team :wo:

Rainy otters

:sv/klefki: :sv/kilowattrel: :sv/floatzel: :sv/Tatsugiri: :sv/Revavroom: :sv/Tauros-Paldea-Aqua:

It's a pretty basic team: setup rain, break anything that doesn't have water absorb or storm drain. Kilowattrel serves both as the special abuser of the team while also having utility in u-turn (to avoid being stopped by opposing wattrels) and some longevity in roost (I'm still debating if it's worth running, but it can eat some weak hits from mons like altaria, so it has had its uses). Also, it completely walls bellibolts using the soak variant, which it really nice for the rest of the team. Most other mons are quite standard except Floatzel, which is designed to counter scarf trace gardevoir while also working as a hard hitting scarfer in itself, being 1 point faster than base 100 scarfers with an adamant nature (a really important speed tier considering we have 2 tauros on the tier).
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Tired of losing to rain? (Idek if ppl r losing to rain like that). Dont fear, for this Kilowattrel + Pie team is bound to turn the tables and rain on their parade. Now whos wet? :pikasmirk:

:kilowattrel: :copperajah: :krookodile: :toxtricity: :appletun: :slowbro: (CLICK ON THE POKES KINDLY FOR THE TEAM)

The main selling point of this team is probably Appletun, which I believe to be a very solid mon even outside of the Rain mu due to Apple Acid, good defensive typing against Rotom formes and the option of Eject Pack Draco. Just watch out vs. Klefki mus since the apple pie gets feasted on by them. Apple Acid into Eject Pack Draco into Toxt is quite nasty for it helps you break past special walls with ease and forces kills really easily. Id say Krook is the weakest link in this team but it still does what its meant to do. I really do believe in the apple as a viable mon in this tier and the way it allows for pivoting with so much of the tier from Rotom formes to Kilowattrel makes it for some rlly solid synergy in a tier lacking with defensive pivots. I really dont think this has many glaring weak points apart from the potential hazards issue, but it should be okay. No more getting damp after loading this one up.
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first svru team ive ever made, basically saw my boys dropped and was spitballing ideas with franklin and this came out. rain guys that are musts aka klefki/floatzel/wattrel slotted into their mandatory slots. slotted primeape as a secondary setter due to having the combination of u turn and rocks with a decent speed tier. people tend to not hit primeape out the gate due to rage fist, it usually doesnt live long but is able to get up rain consistently due to rage fist being annoying. added tatsugiri for removal but it also can soft-check a ton of rain checks while being obnoxiously strong under rain. a lot of fat teams dont have answers for the combination of tatsugiri at +2 and floatzel. finally added croak mostly due to franklins influence but having a water immune on rain is incredibly nice for mirrors, other in the tier that arent staples like mola while being threatening offensively since poison fighting hits mosts of the tier other than like pallosand. sucker priority is rly nice to have asw. only issue ive rly had piloting this is vs the salt guy which is far from an auto loss mu but is insanely annoying to deal in general for offensive teams with since esp if it teras. overall its kind of hard to explain this build in great detail because its literally a rain hyper offense, its really as straightforward as it comes. s/o thefranklin / arce9 / ru king. still adding onto the team as i go but this is the current draft


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:Kilowattrel: :Hariyama: :Revavroom: :Camerupt: :Slowbro: :Mismagius:

So, the idea of the team was Kilowattrel + Hariyama. U-turn on stuff and bring in big hard-to-wall Hariyama. Hariyama has Earthquake to OHKO Toxtricity. Revavroom is Toxic Spikes to try and take advantage of Hariyama's Knock Off. Camerupt is a Volt Switch blocker that doesn't instantly die to Overheat. I'm sure Camerupt can still lose to Heattom but it is... something. Slowrbo checks Fighters, Mudsdale and is really good. This Slowbro has Yawn, which helps it not be setup fodder and force switches. Mismagius is a Boomburst immune and good wallbreaker.


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Bird spam and fighting spam, all at once.
I made this team because I thought it would be nice to see these 2 birds together. Pairing Kilo with a strong fighting type is a pretty straightforward concept; Here it's paired with a scarf Flamigo for a hazard resistant VoltTurn (TurnTurn) core that provides plenty of speed control. I used a standard defensive backbone with Bronzong in order to matchup better into spikes/Klefki and Slowbro as the solid water resist. Felicroak serves as additional insurance vs rain and supplements the offensive core with surprisingly good breaking power. Sylveon is a bit of throwaway here, but it tends to work well. Bonus footage of the team in action.
The deadline has passed and so it's time for voting, we got a decent amount of teams and they all look very interesting.

:Krookodile: :Bronzong: :tauros-paldea-aqua: :gardevoir: :arboliva: :Kilowattrel: Calm mind bronzong by Feliburn
:Klefki: :Kilowattrel: :Floatzel: :Tatsugiri-stretchy: :Revavroom: :Tauros-paldea-aqua: Rain with revavroom by Fabi_OST
:Primeape: :Toxicroak: :Tatsugiri-droopy: :Klefki: :Kilowattrel: :Floatzel: Rain with Primeape by Baloor
:Kilowattrel: :Copperajah: :Krookodile: :Toxtricity: :Appletun: :Slowbro: Apple pie by Ishtar
:Kilowattrel: :revavroom: :Hariyama: :camerupt: :slowbro: :Mismagius: Assault vest Hariyama and Camerupt by Yourwelcomethanku
:Kilowattrel: :Flamigo: :toxicroak: :slowbro: :bronzong: :sylveon: bird and fighting spam by Moon

Reply with the name of the team you like the most to vote, my vote goes to Ishtar's appletun+toxtricity team. Voting will go until Wednesday at midnight (GMT-5).
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The voting deadline has passed and the winner is Ishtar's Appletun team :Kilowattrel: :Copperajah: :Krookodile: :Toxtricity: :Appletun: :Slowbro:. This was a great first week with a nice bunch of creative teams, thanks to everyone who participated, I'll get the second round of the teambuilding contest up on Monday, hoping to put it on a regular weekly schedule. If you have any suggestions for next week's theme I'd love to hear it.
:sv/Mismagius: Week 2: Mismagius :sv/Mismagius:

This week we will be building around Mismagius. Mismagius has been in the tier since alpha, always being on the fringe of notability. It’s always there, but not common enough to be talked about like Rotom or Slowbro. Mismagius’ most common sets are setup sweeper sets, either with nasty plot or calm mind. Its options aren’t just limited to which setup move it uses though, it also has many different options for its moves and items. Life orb can be used for raw offensive power, or leftovers can be used in combination with draining kiss to create surprising longevity. And its moveslots are open to coverage moves like energy ball or tera blast and utility moves like taunt and substitute. Boosting sets are just one option though, other sets like choice items or bulky utility missy with will o wisp and pain split.
There are plenty of creative ways to build with this pokemon, i hope that anyone who participates can find a creative way to exploit Mismagius’ strengths and find the teammates that can open up counters for Mismagius to excel.

Teambuilding criteria:
Your team submission must be legal in SV RU (post-hariyama ban) and have Mismagius on it.

Submission deadline: Teams should be submitted by 11:59 PM (GMT-4) on Friday, March 17th, voting will then go until 11:59 PM (GMT-4) on Sunday, March 19th.
Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 9.57.13 PM.png

This team is based around Mismagius being able to be an effective spin blocker. The team plays offensively with lead Lycanroc which should be the lead the majority of the time. Mismagius is paired with Defiant Primeape as an insurance that hazards always stay on the field/will be punished if removed. In a game either Mismagius or Primeape can tera and attempt to sweep with CM or Rage Fist respectively. Gardevoir is the scarfer and also used for Healing Wish to reenable Mismagius or Primeape. Mismagius blocks Tatsugiri well enough which is something that Palossand lacks, whereas Primeape's fast Taunt and tera ghost also allows it to stop other hazard removal (i.e. Avalugg or Altaria sometimes). Tauros Paldea Water is the glue mon and also gives the team a form of priority. One of the weaknesses of this team to play around is Choice Scarf Passimian which can be somewhat neutralized from consistently U-Turning by always playing with the intent to keep hazards up.

Replays on how the team plays:


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:mismagius: :blissey: :vespiquen: :passimian: :kilowattrel: :slowbro:

This is a team I built as soon as Kilo dropped. Just wanted to build some extremely unfun Superman type of balance with hazard stacking. Idt the idea was fulfilled to its fullest potential but I still wanted to post a team this week. The idea of this is to simply lay hazards and pivot into the silly monkey and birb. As previously stated, this team barely gets affected by Spikes or even Rocks in general, and Pass even punished potential Defog. Its more of a conceptual sort of team that I dont believe works as well as it sounds, but if you happen to enjoy the concept or wanna make it your own in some way, give it a lil whirl u lil poliwhirl.
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:Mismagius: :Toxicroak: :Copperajah::Mudsdale: :Altaria: :Goodra:

So, I made this. Ghost + Fighting is good offensive type synergy, so this team has Mismagius and Toxicroak. Toxicroak was chosen later on due to the lack of a Water resist or lacking Water resist(s) anyways. Even with Altaria and Goodra, I doubt that's sufficent against rain. Copperajah and Mudsdale are nice. Copper checks things like Mismagius and Gardevoir and can phaze out Oricorio forms. Mudsdale can Stealth Rock and check stuff like non-Bulk Up Krook. Altaria gives Defog and Fighting resist. So you might be cringing at the Scarf Goodra but I heard C0nfiden1 0yster mention it before and it's honestly not awful. It's gonna suck against super fat teams of course but the point is to combine Heatom check and speed, which it does alright.
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